Have Yourself A Wicked Merry Christmas!

Mwahahahahappy Christmas!

Mwahahahahappy Christmas!

We here at Evil UnLtd would like to wish a Wicked Merry Christmas to all our fans and followers out there on the world wide winternet.

Well, obviously we wouldn’t. This is all our author’s doing. Bad enough that he has insisted we donate our hard-won profits to charity, now he’s gone and lampooned us in some silly seasonal cartoon.

Still, since the charity in question is Cancer Research UK and we are as dedicated to combating rival evils as we are to crushing annoying hero types, we will indulge him on this occasion. Although we will of course be exacting our painful revenge on him at some point in the future.

All I would ask is that people follow this link here and please be so good as to share word of this LIVE UnLtd: Evil vs. Cancer campaign on Twitter, Facebook and generally wherever they can, all over the web – before we suffer any further indignities at the hands of our misguided author.

May your wine be mulled and your senses dulled.

Dexter Snide

(PS People can of course visit Cancer Research UK to donate directly.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped spread the word so far!)

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