Happy Birthday DNA

Douglas Adams will be 60 this Sunday.

That is to say, he would have been if not for, you know, Death, The Universe and Everything.

And although we at Galaxy Six Broadcasting are proud to forge our special blend of entertainment (and infotainment, edutainment and all-round lobotainment) with its own distinctive flavour, it would be no overstatement to say that DNA was – or is – the origin of our existence. We’ve created our own Universe and our own Everything, but if it wasn’t for dear old Douglas and his Hitch-Hiker’s Guide – plus numerous strong sources of Brownian motion (yes, sometimes a hot cup of tea, but sometimes the all-important Double Horlicks) – our efforts would have amounted to the equivalent of finding a lump of green putty in our armpit and completely failing to record the incident in verse.

As it is, we’ve recorded our incidents in no less than two volumes, with a third already in production and due for release in December this year. (2012, or an hour later on Galaxy Six +1.)

While others may contribute to the Adamsian universe with sixth books in the trilogy or TV episodes ‘based on’ Dirk Gently, we prefer to honour the man’s memory by creating our own brand. We all pine for more of his lovely fiddly bits around the fjords, but we are not parrots.

So why not try something new.

With that in mind, this weekend we are offering the first instalment in our top quality SF series at HALF PRICE – FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Your chance to climb on board the rollercoaster at the beginning – with a discounted ticket.


Evil UnLtd Vol 1: The Root Of All Evil is available on Kindle:

From Amazon in the US

From Amazon in the UK

and in all other ebook formats

From Smashwords

The book was a smash-hit on HarperCollins’ authonomy site, within a month of the sample chapters being posted there, with hundreds of glowing comments from SF readers and those who’d never been near sci-fi in their life. This is what one reviewer had to say on Amazon:

Evil UnLtd: The Root of All Evil is a genius space farce. Dexter Snide and his associates bumble their way through a series of (mis)adventures with a view to accumulating as much power, notoriety and wealth as they can. It is a wickedly funny, extremely well-written sci fi comedy that reads like a mash-up of Douglas Adams meets the TV sit-com, Red Dwarf, and one of my favourite sci fi tribute films, Galaxy Quest. It’s literate sci fi, chock full of humour and word play with some lovely nods to the genre and a wonderfully fitting cast of characters.”

Author Simon A Forward has written a number of books, audio dramas and short stories for Doctor Who as well as novelisations for the BBC’s Merlin series.

He is not DNA. Nor is anyone here at Galaxy Six. We just loved the man’s work.

Hopefully, even as we weave these new and exciting tales, that shows in ours.

Here’s to you, Douglas.

Share and Enjoy.


(Note: The books are also available in paperback, through Amazon, with signed copies available direct – secure payment with Paypal – from the author’s own webpage www.simonforward.co.uk. Sadly we are unable to offer the paperbacks at a discount at this time, but of course the ebooks can be enjoyed on your PC, Android phone, iPhone, iPad and probably iClaudius as well.)

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