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Some people are never satisfied.

Like Evil UnLtd, for instance. It wasn’t enough that they’d launched their enterprise on the Amazon Kindle and then spread their malign influence to other ebook formats, via Smashwords. They weren’t even content to set up their own publishing house. They had to go and set up a broadcasting company. Or hijack an existing one.

Yes, Galaxy Six Broadcasting – the people who brought you Celebrity Minefield Clearance and I’m An Asshole! Make Me Famous! – are under new management. And in addition to the various electronic formats, they will be broadcasting the Evil UnLtd series through the medium of paper.

The first copies of Vol 1: The Root Of All Evil arrived this week and it is a thing of beauty. A shiny, chunky 380pp glossy-cover paperback on clean white depleted rainforest, including three full episodes of the series plus bonus extras, such as The Lonely Planet Guide To Goyle and an exclusive extract, in print for the first time, from Vol 2: From Evil With Love. (Publishing date TBA soon!)

Look at these lovely books. Look at them.

How do you get your hands on one?

Well, you can already order this objet d’artfulness through Amazon, both here in the UK and from the US site.

You can also get your hands on a signed copy via (just click Add To Basket from the seller calling himself sa4ward).

But as an alternative – which will save you on postage – just write to:

Simon Forward

Galaxy Six Broadcasting

5 Alexandra Terrace


Cornwall TR18 4NX

supplying your name, return address, how many copies you would like and enclosing a cheque for £9.99 per copy – (that’s £8.99 plus £1 P&P) and we’ll ship you a signed copy, personally dedicated to whoever you’d like.

Galaxy Six. Entertainment, Infotainment, Edutainment and all-round Lobototainment.


Note: Since a couple of people have inquired about international postage on directly obtained signed copies, I should point out that unfortunately P&P to the USA and Australia, for example, rockets up to between £5-£7, which smacks of prohibitive. We’re happy to ship to sufficiently wealthy individuals in those countries, but do please bear in mind the cost.

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