Twelve Days Of Christmas Evil #5

On the Fifth Day Of Christmas, Evil Gave To Me…


Five Gift Ideas!


True that the Evil UnLtd gang are not always disposed towards giving. But in this time of festive cheer, what better excuse for spreading their special brand of malign merchandise to all and sundry.

And whether you’re shopping for friends or enemies or just yourself, they’re sure to have something that takes your fancy…

Professor Doomladen recommends:

Um, a brand new fragrance.


Induce amnesia in those around you and you can pass unnoticed through a crowded room. Inspired by Professor Doomladen’s own early experiences of trying to find a date.

Mr Knucks recommends:

His Special Christmas Hamper.

With this selection of firearms, explosive crackers and shiny ball hand grenades, you’ll easily hamper anyone this Christmas!

Dexter Snide recommends:

The fantastic Intendo EVL

With its unique Spirit-Capture Cam, you’ll be able to neurally slave your victims to the device and guide them through all manner of dangerous action situations from the comfort of your own sofa. Download all kinds of plans for banks, military bases and top secret government facilities and as you guide your character through the virtual setting, you can be sure your chosen patsy is emulating every movement in the real world and doing your job for you.

Mr Ferret recommends:

The new Nuke Epil.

Guaranteed to make you the most gorgeous star at the party with this low level rad emission epilator, sure to trigger alopecia in everyone within a ten metre radius while you retain a fabulous head of hair.

Tanith Troy recommends:

The Tanith Troy Calendar 2011

Her most revealing photo shoot yet! With the miracle of micromolecular reduction technology and the aid of a small submarine, prestigious glamour photographer, Hemlin Spackleschulz, manages to get the most dramatic interiors of his subject. Just take a look at the shot for July:

Happy Shopping!


And Happy Christmas from the Evil UnLtd crew. Mwahahaha.



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  1. One of each, please!

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