The Twelve Days Of Christmas Evil #2

On the Second Day of Christmas, Evil gave to me…


Two paper backs.


That’s right, the print version of Evil UnLtd Vol 1: The Root Of All Evil is due to be available from 4th February, 2011. We’re very excited about it here and we’re reasonably sure that, despite this transition into the physical world,  the book will still be worth the paper it’s written on.

We’re offering two prestigious signed copies, posted to anywhere in the world on the day of release. Or maybe even a little bit before, if we can possibly manage it. It’ll be a prize draw, the first two names picked out of a hat – or some more capacious receptacle depending on how many people enter. All you have to do is spread the word about Evil UnLtd – the ebook version currently available from Amazon Kindle (.com or or via smashwords – and let me know about it – between now and *31st December 2010*.

That might involve email to your friends/contacts (including my email address in the list – find me on my website,, under the Contact link), a shared link on a Facebook page (you can message me on Facebook via my page), Tweeting about it (include me @prefect4d in your tweet, and I’ll be sure to follow you if I don’t already), a blog post (again, send me the link) or whatever floats your internet publicity boat. You can include any of the above links to Amazon or smashwords, or to my author website at or to here at

When I’ve picked the names, I’ll get in touch with you for mailing details so I can send you your prize book. But please do remember if you’ve tweeted, Facebooked or emailed etc, to let me know, otherwise I won’t know to throw your name into the hat or other receptacle.

I realise we are being very generous about this, but trust me we are truly Evil. Even at Christmas. Our friendly disposition is merely a front to promote our Evil Empire.

That said, we wish you all good luck. 😉



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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kathryn Eastman and Kimberly Menozzi, Simon Forward. Simon Forward said: On the 2nd Day of Christmas, Evil gave to me… 2 Paperbacks! Prize draw to win a signed print version! Please RT […]

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