Yes! Introducing a brand new concept in electronic casual wear:

The E-Shirt! (TM)

And if the sheer innovation wasn’t enough, we are giving away this first example of its kind absolutely FREE!

We here at Evil UnLtd wrestled for minutes with how to offer free gifts with an ebook and now, like Dyson and his balls and powerful suction, we are proud to be able to say we have solved the problem.

Your E-Shirt(TM) is available to download right now – right here:

Instructions for downloading your FREE E-Shirt.

1.    Purchase a copy of Evil UnLtd, available on Amazon Kindle – from their US store or the UK site. And if you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry, you can download the Kindle software for FREE for your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Kettle or Iguana. As an alternative you can now download a Special Edition – with a host of extras – from smashwords – for all other ebook formats.

2.    Right click on the above image.

3.    Select Save Image As… from the menu.

4.    Save the image to your Desktop. You can even rename it if you wish, this will not affect the quality of the item in any way.

5.    And you’re good! It’s as simple as that. Your desktop will be able to maintain the E-Shirt(TM)’s unique digital construct wherever you go, as long as you stay within reach of a reliable Wi-Fi signal. It’s recommended you wear some other light clothing on your upper body, in case of signal failure, but the choice is yours. Other than that, strut freely about with pride and let others bask in your coolness.

Note: E-Shirts downloaded without a purchase of Evil UnLtd will result in the broadcast of a naked digital construct and, believe us, unless you are an Emperor, people will remark on your unsightly nudity. Remember: Piracy is a crime. And one we wholeheartedly endorse as long as it’s not from us.

Warning: Wearers of E-Shirts are advised not to look down as head movement can temporarily disrupt the projection field, resulting in disintegration of the image. We strongly recommend that you keep your head straight, eyes level and merely meet the gazes of all those who smile at you, quietly congratulating you on how freaking awesome you look.

Evil UnLtd are currently working on plans for a paper version of the E-Shirt(TM) to accompany printed copies of the book and we have every confidence of overcoming the logistical challenges involved. Watch this space!



  1. This is one of the funniest emarketing ideas I’ve ever seen. Great job! Brilliant!

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