Previously… on MOONJACK!

Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and here’s to a great New Year for you all.

Alas, even Evil had to take a break for Christmas, so here we have a bit of a recap before we continue with our sci-fi adventure MOONJACK!

Pre-Titles Teaser: 1) Here. Moonbase Kappa finds Earth and is menaced by an alien craft.

Opening Titles & Beginning of Act One: 2) Here. Amid ominous flashforwards, an alien visitor seeks sanctuary.

Act One, Middle: 3) Here. Moonbase Kappa greets the strange alien visitor.

End Of Act One: 4) Here. Alien visitor Zanac brings tales of Earth since the Moon’s absence.

Act Two: 5) Here. Alien visitor Zanac also brings something else with him.

Act Two, Middle: 6) Here. The Moonbase is infiltrated by a cybernetic snake-like creature with a hand-like head.

End Of Act Two: 7) Here. Alien visitor Zanac is threatened with probing.

Next part (beginning of Act Three!) due for ‘broadcast’ early next week. Happy reading. Happy New Year!

SAF 2010

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